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Order Feisty and Non-Compliant wear.

Consider ordering a “Feisty and Non-compliant” t-shirt, travel mug, bag, button, or hoodie. Show your Feisty & Non-compliant Spirit with pride! All proceeds go towards our important work.

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

Communities of Power is a source of information about issues of importance in Michigan's Disability Community! It is also an invitation to you to participate in making our communities accessible, integrated, and supportive - to make full citizenship for seniors and people with disabilities an expectation, not a goal. Communities of Power is maintained by the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC).


Learn How to Choose Health Insurance

Not sure how to shop for or choose health insurance? Michigan State University Extension educators are trained to help you make the best health insurance decision for yourself and your family. Through an online Smart Choice workshop people will learn how to:

  • Analyze your health insurance needs
  • Learn important terms and concepts
  • Compare sample health insurance plans
  • Understand available resources
  • Take the next step deciding about health insurance

Join for free weekly webinars on Mondays from 3-5pm or 6-8pm. Click “Guest” and type in a name. (You will be anonymous.)

More information on Smart Choice workshops.


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A wheelchair at the U.S. Capitol building When you sign up for MDRC alerts, we'll email you when issues arise and give you the information you need to take action on issues important to Michigan's disability community. Don't miss this opportunity to have your voice heard! Follow the link "Take Action" on the side menu.