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MDRC cultivates disability pride and strengthens the disability movement by recognizing disability as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity while collaborating to dismantle all forms of oppression.

The purpose of a device demonstration is to help you compare and contrast the features and benefits of a variety of devices in order to make an informed decision about whether the device(s) will help. Device demonstrations can include one device or multiple devices. Sometimes you may want to compare and contrast devices with something you already own.

You (the person who would be using the device) must be present and you can invite others to the demonstration, for example your rehabilitation counselor, family members or friends. We'll talk with you in advance to determine your interests, needs and abilities then you can either come to one of the sites or in some cases, the demonstrator can come to a mutually agreed location for the demonstration.

You'll have a chance to learn about each device in this hands-on demonstration. Following the demonstration, you'll be able to get information about how to contact funding sources, vendors, repair services or other services. We'll ask you to fill out two very brief surveys about the demonstration.

Once the demonstration is completed, you have the option to borrow some of the devices through MATP’s short-term loan program. This program allows you to borrow equipment, free of charge, from our inventory. Device loans are useful if you are considering a purchase and want to “test drive” a particular product, especially devices that are more complicated or devices that you will use in multiple settings. This way, you can see if the device works for in the environment where you would use it.

MATP's short-term device loan program is not intended as a loan closet, not a loaner while your equipment is out for repair, nor to meet the need for a device for a temporary disability. However, there is a network of multiple loan closets throughout the State of Michigan who do provide this type of loan.

Short-term loans are not yet available at all locations; they are currently available at:

  1. Disability Network Oakland & Macomb (DNOM)
  2. Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL)
  3. Disability Network Capital Area Program (DNCAP)
  4. Disability Network Mid-Michigan (DNMM)

The program expanded and updated the "small changes, Big Differences" assistive technology training and kits. Devices in these kits are lower cost items for everyday living. Items include devices for cooking, bathing, grooming, dressing and other daily activities. The following sites can provide both training and device demonstrations using the kit. For more information about these demonstrations, please contact:

Aimee Sterk (517) 333-2477 or (800) 578-1269 ext 329

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To schedule a demonstration please contact one of the following sites:Person using lotion applicator tool on their leg

Neurodiversity is an idea which asserts that atypical (neurodivergent) neurological functioning is a normal human difference that is to be recognized and respected just as any other human variation. Differences may arise in ways of processing information, including language, sound, images, light, texture, taste, or movement. These devices help with remembering, locating, orientation, symptom management, and safety. Examples of devices include timers, applications for tablets and smartphones, medication reminders, recording devices, note taking systems, and more!

For more information about these demonstrations, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or one of the sites below.

Demonstrations are available at the following sites. Please contact them to arrange a demonstration:

The program has added devices that can help you hear better in daily living situations to our demonstration sites list below. Devices include: Alerting Systems, Telephones & Phone Amplifiers, Cell Phone Accessories, Clocks & Timers, Personal Amplifiers, Induction Loop Clipboards, TV Listening Systems and more!

One family member reported following a demonstration:

“Wanted to let you know the impact you had on my aunt. She was so overwhelmed and could not believe people would be so kind and giving of their time. I think she cried most of the way home and was excited to know that there is technology that can help out with her hearing loss.”

  • Superior Alliance for Independent Living
    1200 Wright St. Ste 3
    Marquette, MI 49855
    (906) 228-5744
    (800) 379-7245
  • Capital Area Center for Independent Living
    N Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
    Lansing, MI 48906
    (517) 999-7524
    Kellie Blackwell
  • Disability Network Oakland and Macomb
    16645 15 Mile Road
    Clinton Township, MI 48035
    (586) 268-4160
    (800) 284-2457
    Jenell Williams or Traci Comer
  • Disability Network: Flint
    3600 S Dort Hwy #54
    Flint, MI 48507
    (810) 742-1800
    CaptionCall: (810) 742-7647
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Carrie Dudek
  • Disability Network Mid-Michigan
    1705 S. Saginaw Rd.
    Midland, MI 48640
    Andrea Sneller

Devices include items with sound and high contrast visual feedback; telephones; magnifiers; items for labeling medication; time management; reading and writing tools; computer software Apple iDevices and the Kindle Fire.

To schedule a demonstration, call or email:

The Superior Alliance for Independent Living Center (SAIL) has received a subcontract to provide device demonstrations and short-term loans to residents of the fifteen counties of the Upper Peninsula to explore the benefits of AT and make informed decisions. 

How to reach SAIL:

1200 Wright St. Ste A
Marquette, Mi 49855
(906) 228-5744
(800) 379-7245
Emily Herman

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