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MDRC cultivates disability pride and strengthens the disability movement by recognizing disability as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity while collaborating to dismantle all forms of oppression.

  • CCL will listen to people with disabilities regarding what type of leadership development training they want and need.
  • CCL will find and evaluate existing leadership development trainings throughout the state.
  • CCL will identify gaps between the leadership development needs of people with disabilities and the existing leadership development trainings.
  • CCL will create trainings where they do not exist to ensure people with disabilities are getting the leadership opportunities they need.
CCL has provided trainings on a variety of leadership topics including:
  • Disability Identity, Pride, Culture, and History
  • Specific Leadership Skills
  • Effective Leadership Facilitation
  • Inclusion
  • Ageism and the Generational Gap in Leadership
We provide trainings to groups of people with disabilities as well as service provider organizations, families, and generic leadership agencies.
In addition, we have a variety of published leadership manuals, curricula, and handbooks.  If an organization or group requests, we can provide training on these tools and how to use them.
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In addition, CCL will:

  • Provide support to local organizations to create leadership development training.
  • Enter all inclusive leadership development trainings into LeaderLINKS - a database used to connect people with disabilities to leadership opportunities, supports, and organizations throughout Michigan.
  • Encourage people with disabilities to attend leadership development trainings and provide them with ongoing support.